Ponies for Hire in Orlando, FL

One of the biggest thrills for children of all ages is being able to meet, interact, and ride friendly, well-cared for ponies under the guidance of skilled handlers. That is exactly what Horsepower Events is able to deliver to you with our ponies for hire in Orlando, FL.

As both a ranch and pony farm, we are able to provide you with trained, well-behaved rental ponies that are able to turn any special event you are putting together into something extra magical. You, your children, and all of your guests are going to love being able to pet, ride, and interact with these gentle creatures in a perfectly safe and controlled setting.

Our Rental Ponies Come to You

Miniature horses are a wonderful treat to add to any special event. Whether they are the focus or just part of your bigger picture, these ponies are able to bring a certain magic to your event that will make it a memorable experience for anyone that comes out to it. From birthday parties to community gatherings, our ponies for hire are sure to be a hit.

Furthermore, miniature horses make for fantastic therapy animals. They love to come out and visit nursing homes, schools, hospitals, and individuals who have experienced a tragedy in life to help try and cheer people up. These little guys sure do know how to put a smile on someone’s face and we are sure you will agree once you book our rental ponies for your event.

Rental Information for Our Ponies

Interested in bringing our rental ponies to your next special event? The cost to rent out our miniature horses is $350 for the first hour. This cost includes two ponies and two handlers as well as all of the safety equipment you need. It also includes full public liability insurance to ensure everyone’s safety. Want to add a second hour? An additional hour is available at the reduced cost of just $275. Traveling costs for the outer reaches of our service area may apply. Please speak to one of our friendly staff members for more information.

Are you putting together a larger event? Think two ponies just aren’t going to be enough for all of your guests? Well, our ranch and pony farm offers additional miniature ponies and horses, up to a maximum of six, at an extra cost of just $75 per pony per hour.

Contact us when you are looking for wonderful rental ponies in the Orlando, Florida, area.